Office chair massage

Office chair massage

Recognised by Anglo-Saxon companies and multinationals not only releases muscle pain in the back and shoulders, it improves working performance and adds value to employee satisfaction.

It is ideal for departments that work long hours or those who work with high intensity.

Chair massage uses shiatsu massage and acupressure techniques.

• Individuals remain fully clothed and sit on an ergonomic massage chair
(chair provided)
• Massage duration: 10, 15 or 20 minute sessions

• The installation of the « chair massage » is quick and simple.
• A quite area or room approximately 4m2 for each massage chair
• A break of 20 mins. will be taken by the practitioner(s) every 2 hours


Place of service:
Within the company or institution.



Relief from muscle tension in shoulders, neck and back


Increasing blood circulation to relieve headaches


Oxygenates brain and increases ability to maintain concentration


Stimulates recovery and resilience to sustain working performance level


Veritable investment in employees well-being


Reduces stress and increases focus, energy and mental clarity

“Mr. Louisy’s services have had an invaluable role in my success.”

Csaba Tabajdi
Member of the European Parliament

“I would highly recommend Lennard Louisy and his services related to stress management and well-being at work.”

A. J.
PhD researcher European Commission Joint Research Centre

“Lennard Louisy is the sparkling sun on foggy days… Il a grandement contribué à la réussite de mon épanouissement professionnel…”

A. B.
PhD researcher European Parliament project leader, DG COMM