Combat the negative effects of sedentary work.

“Too much sitting (is) linked to heart disease, diabetes and premature death.” – 2015 Harvard Medical publication

“More than just ergonomics”. This is a practical “learning-by-doing” training. It gives participants valuable information and effective techniques that awaken, revitalize and strengthen the body at the office desk.

Inspired by interactive movement, postural alignment and self-massage techniques, participants will enjoy the opportunity to boost their vitality and cultivate the best working habits in their office.


For all employees who:

  • Suffer from back, shoulder, neck and arm pain
  • Work long hours at the computer
  • Suffer from headaches and concentration difficulties
  • Find it difficult to relax and recover
  • Need empowering new habits for effectiveness

The Benefits

  • Diminish physical and mental stress
  • Reanimate posture, concentration and resilience
  • Regenerate “batteries”, reset the nervous system and trigger a positive mind state
  • Interact with colleagues and pass on the “tips & tricks”
  • Cultivate calmness, presence, positive energy, productivity and work satisfaction

“Lennard Louisy is the sparkling sun on foggy days… Il a grandement contribué à la réussite de mon épanouissement professionnel… Je le recommande très vivement; sa méthode et sa personnalité sont absolument géniales!”

Sara Dirkx
Gérante / Director – Bon Plaisirs

“Great achievement by Lennard! Both ‘Energy Breaks’ have been outstanding! Lennard had a huge impact… the feedback of the attendees and the management was overwhelming, everyone was talking about it.”

Marco Demerling
Internal Communications – Carrefour Belgium

“Mr. Louisy’s services have had an invaluable role in my success…”

Csaba Tabajdi
Member of the European Parliament

“I would highly recommend Lennard Louisy and his services related to stress management and well-being at work.”

Urska Grahek, PhD,
EU official at the European Commission